Plane 3.9.0beta2 released

This is the second in a series of beta releases for plane 3.9.0. It is a major release, with a lot of changes.

  • Builtin OSD support on boards with MAX7456 OSD device
  • fixed throttle display on twin-engine planes
  • improved timing in mavlink remote sensors
  • added many more board types to autobuild
  • fixed airspeed reporting for unhealthy sensors
  • fixed log timestamps on ChibiOS
  • added force arm option
  • added fmuv5 support
  • added CubeBlack build
  • added ESC telemetry virtual battery
  • added SERIAL6 on fmuv4 and fmuv5
  • added MatekF405-Wing support
  • added AP_Bootloader
  • support bootloader update over MAVLink
  • enable sdcard on several F4 boards
  • fixed serial number logging on ChibiOS boards
  • fixed revo-mini compass orientation

Many thanks to all who contributed to this release, and our beta testers! Special thanks to:

  • @Naterater for his testing of the final versions of this beta.
  • @sh83 for his fantastic work on many features, including OSD support
  • @bugobliterator for his great work on the ChibiOS port
  • @peterbarker for many fixes and cleanups
  • @WickedShell and @MagicRuB for lots of improvements to fixed wing support

and many others!

Happy flying!


This is a big beta iteration. I love the new built-in OSD support, even works on the simulator (SITL)!! Run --osd

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Flight with a MiniTalon QuadPlane (Pixhawk 1 - 2MB - ChiBios) ran without any problems (QHOVER, QSTABILIZE, QLOITER,FBWA). The test flight with a conventional aircraft (FBWA,FBWB,RTL,CIRCLE) was also perfect. Thanks to Tridge and all who have contributed to the firmware.


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Well done all, cannot wait to try it.

I’ve released a small update in 3.9.0beta3 now. It has the following changes:

  • fixed nul termination of system ID on ChibiOS
  • added PH4-mini support
  • fixed compass orientation on fmuv5
  • matched BRD_PWM_COUNT between px4-v3 and fmuv3
  • fixed MatekF405-Wing compass orientation
  • backup storage to microSD if possible

The final for 3.9.0 should be in a few days. Happy flying!

Is there a change it the telem ports on the pixracer from 3.8.5 to 3.9.0beta3? Just flashed my nano talon with the latest beta and cannot get my radios to connect past getting the param screen on MP. I I click cancel while it still says getting params and the HUD rolls and pitches with the airframe but there are no config files. It just never goes through the list like it use to say getting params. Also one quick question is this the new tune that will be played now after switching to chibios, it is a bit different the previous builds as is the led light color more of a blueish green?

This is great news. The compass orientation is causing me real issues on my Pixhawk 4 so hopefully this fixes it. Thank you

Within 2 days, I tested several test flights. On my mini Talon aircraft, I used the Pixhawk 2.4.6 flight controller and loaded the firmware of the ChibiOS firmware version 3.9.0beta3. After adjusting the parameters, I tested the manual, FBWA, FBWB, Loiter is in good shape. However, after the flight test, the ground station was connected to download the log file, but it showed that the log could not be loaded. After two days of two flight tests, it was the problem.

This problem has been solved, the problem should be on the TF card. Replace the TF card, set the throttle stick to unlock, and use the ground station to lock after the flight, you can!