Plane 3.8-QuadPlane roll out of control

Hi everyone!
I have a Tiltrotor VTOL,I used the Qhover model to fly the plane to the height of 30 meters,Then I switch to FBWA.The aircraft is perfectly tilted to fly in fixed wing mode,Suddenly Roll out of control, all my rudder configuration is correct.

Servo1_function=24=FlaperonLeft Servo2_function=25=FlaperonRight.

Someone else’s plane is perfect flight, and I am also the perfect flight of 2 sorties.I suspect that there is a problem with the Flaperon2017-09-06 16-11-58.tlog (481.1 KB)
VTOL-Clouds.param (16.3 KB)
I hope everyone’s reply can help me!Thanks!!

This is my DF log,

can you post a DF log of a good flight and a bad flight for the same aircraft?