Plane 3.8 Beta 6 Firmware

Does anyone have a copy of the Plane 3.8 Beta 6 firmware they can send my way? I’m having a lot of issues with the 3.8.0 release, I had everything working perfectly with beta 6.


I figured out how to download it, haven’t done that in a while, so good to go now!

Could you elaborate what kind of issue do you have ?

I just realized, the beta version I downloaded was much more recent than the version I need, the specific beta version I need is ArduPlane V3.8.0beta6 (b2cd5f5c), I can’t seem to locate that version on the firmware downloads page, is there anyplace older beta versions are archived?

The specific problem I’m having with 3.8.0 is the plane is rolling sharply right after it leaves the launcher and cartwheels on the ground before you can do anything. I did not have this problem with the beta, not sure what’s causing this. The fixed wing I’m testing this on is a tail-less pusher, and has elevons only. During preflight, I always check for correct movement of the elevons in both manual flight mode, and FBWA (holding in my hands, to make sure its moving surfaces opposite way to counter).

At this point, I don’t have the time to troubleshoot the issue in 3.8.0, I would rather go back to the beta version listed above until I have adequate time to figure out what’s causing the issue with 3.8.0.

Ok, solved the problem, I’m also testing a new Li-ION battery pack, and I couldn’t get enough weight forward to balance the CG correctly, it was about 1/4" too far aft, so had to modify the motor mount so I could move the motor further forward, and once the CG was correct, it launches perfect every time, so this had nothing to do with the beta or full release of 3.8.0.