Plane 3.8.5beta3

I have released 3.8.5beta3. The main change in this release is a change in the behaviour of the safety button on boards with an IO processor (such as Pixhawk and Cube).
The new behaviour is in response to a report that the safety button could engage in flight, possibly when moisture gets into the switch. If this causes the button to be read as set for a full second then the safety to engage, which will cause the plane to crash.
The new default behaviour is that the safety button will only work when the aircraft is disarmed. You can change this behaviour using the BRD_SAFETYOPTION parameter. If you want the old behaviour (where the safety button is always active) then set the option to 7.
Happy flying!


Tested this beta3 this morning. All good. Cube autopilot with Here GPS, TF-mini lidar, X-UAV clouds airframe, auto mission from hand launch to autolanding. Used EKF3 as well.

Noticed ESC’s don’t receive PWM signal for about 10 seconds on boot and re-boots. Safety switch was good.

HERE GPS needed the correct orientation parameter now - CHANGE from 3.8.4 stable. That’s definitely worth mentioning in the release.

Thanks for the fix @tridge ! We just lost a brand new Believer due to this (luckily on maiden, without camera gear) so a quick fix is highly appreciated!