Plane 3.8.3beta1

I’ve just released plane 3.8.3beta1. This is a minor release with a number of important bug fixes and some
small feature additions.

Key changes are:

  • allow vertical takeoffs in GUIDED mode with Q_GUIDED_MODE=0
  • fixed a bug in implementation of MANUAL_RCMASK
  • eliminate airspeed positive bias after offset zero
  • prevent quadplane controller windup on the ground
  • added Q_MAV_TYPE for setup of VTOL vehicle type for QGC
  • improved performance of FlightAxis SITL
  • support LOITER_TO_ALT in quadplanes
  • fixed a bug in TECS related to descending quadplane transitions
  • added Q_OPTIONS for controlling roll during transitions and allowing for fixed wing takeoff and landing
  • fixed a race condition in IMU logging
  • fixed a race in i2c device probing
  • log critical messages while disarmed
  • added IST8310 compass on FMUv3 I2C
  • probe for QMC5883 by default
  • avoid double detection of AK09916 compass
  • smooth out tailsitter transitions in both directions
  • fixed use of RTL_RADIUS for QRTL threshold

I’d greatly appreciate some testing feedback on this release!

Happy flying!


I’ve now released 3.8.3beta2 after a bug fix for guided mode loiter in quadplanes. Thanks to Nick for noticing the bug

I’ve now released 3.8.3beta4 with changes to the QRTL transition distance using Q_TRANS_DECEL, and adding gain scaling for tailsitters using throttle.
It also fixes the use of Q_M_SPIN_MIN in tailsitters
Please test!

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Hi Tridge,

I notice that many people are using MiniAPM flight controllers on smaller planes. What is the latest version of Plane that will load on the older 16-bit controllers? You need a Pixhawk/PX4 to use the QuadPlane features, correct?