Placement of gps from centre of rotation


I’m running version 3.2 rc2 (with pivot turn enabled in steering/auto mode).

Currently I have a skid steer system with an emlid rtk gps + navio2. THe emlid rtk antenna is positioned about 0.67 m behind the centre of rotation of the rover. I have put in an offset in the GPS_POS2_X variable which is = -0.67 .

The navio also has a gps antenna which is position at the centre of rotation.

I think due to the distance of the emlid antenna from the centre of rotation the rover does swing wildly in order to hit a target waypoint. The offset value doesn’t seem to help.

any tips ?

I do not think that the swing has to do with the GPS. To test that just disable the RTK and use only the Navio GPS.

any progress? kind of having the same issue here!

No , i just repositioned my GPS for now so I can tune the rover .

eliminate one variable .

Will revisit once the rover is fully tuned