Pixy 2 CMUcam5 Image Sensor - Would it work with PixHawk for precision landing?

Is this latest Pixy Sensor compatible with PixHawk?

For example IR-Lock.com two part solution for precision landing is comprised of “Pixy R1.3A” and MarkOne Beacon V3.0.

if Pixy 2 is better quality, I would rather use that one.

Has it been tested with PixHawk 2.4.8 and PixHawk 2 (Cube)?


Hi @UAVSkies .

I guess you are planning to use the IR based precision landing approach.

If so , we may have a bit of a problem here as Pixy 2 and for that matter even Pixy V1 ship with IR Cut lenses by default - meaning no use of IR Nodes on the ground.

Pixy 2 has fixed lens which can’t be replaced.

But Pixy 1 had the flexibility of user changeable M12 lens mounting. So either buy a normal Pixy V1 and replace the lens with a suitable lens. Alternative would be to go for the IR Lock ready version of Pixy which IR Lock sell at their site.

Hope this was helpful.

PS-This is my first post.

@R_KAVIN_KAILASH - Thanks for quick reply. yes, I recently purchased the IR-Lock complete solution but then I saw Pixy 2 CMUcam5 so got confused.

Your explanation makes sense. IR-Lock has provided a separate lens with the solution so now I understand what its for. Its to replace the stock lens.

I will give it a shot and see what happens. :slight_smile:

Reply I got from IR-Lock…

No, the Pixy2 is not compatible with the MarkOne/IRLOCK-ArduCopter integration.

The resolution and framerate of Pixy2 are not significantly improved. Framerate is 60Hz for Pixy2 and 50Hz for Pixy1. Detection algorithm resolution is 316x208 for Pixy2 vs 320x200 for Pixy1.

The best feature of Pixy2 is the smaller size, but we can’t use Pixy2 because the imager/lens is not compatible with our IR detection method.