Pixwawk 2.1 Edison Edi + HERE does not work

I’m having a big problem with my 2.1 pixhawk I bought at less than 1 year ago!
Unfortunately Pixhawk 2.1 + Edison + Here stopped working at one point! The device has not suffered a crash and is as new, having only performed a maximum of 30 minutes of flight in total (I was having calibration problems from the first day).
However, when I was checking out why the OSD was not working, I realized that neither the telemetry worked nor the GPS. When trying to connect to the PC, I realized that the problem was the pixhawk that also did not connect to the PC. It was not detected, it did not emit the characteristic beep of when it is turned on, nor does it turn on the orange light that used to come on.
It just looks dead.
It is not an energy problem because other ESC and components receive energy. If it were a power problem, it should work by USB cable but it does not work.

What can I do to solve the problem?