Pixracer with 3.4-rc5 - good flight!

I tore down and rebuilt a 250 quad and had it’s first flight today. Everything went well, including calibrating and flying with oneshot125 enabled, which I could never get working in earlier RCs. Very stable in stabilize, althold & poshold. Now I just have to learn to fly Acro. :slight_smile:


  • ZMR250
  • DYS XM20A w/ BLHeli 14.8
  • T-Motor F40
  • APC 5x3 E/EP
  • 3DR GPS
  • 4s 2250
  • Pixracer (in a case mounted with foam tape)

I might run an autotune to see what it does, but right now I’m very happy with how it flies.

Cool ! That is what Pixracer was designed for I believe :slight_smile:

I had a good flight today, too!
Good auto-tune as well!
My last autotune (rc2) the values were super low, and it didn’t fly well. Now it’s good. (All the PID’s it ended up with are about 3x higher than they were when I was autotuning a few months ago w/ rc2)
Still the odd issue where the ESC’s take a while and randomly arm… But they work after they finally arm (w/ oneshot 125).

KDE2304XF-2350 motors
3s 2250 battery
20A blheli esc’s
6x3 props

Thanks for the feedback. Glad it’s working well.
AC3.4-rc6 will be out later this week but it’s mostly small bug fixes.

Glad to see some one else having a good time with the pixracer. The only issue I’m running into with mine is having to use extremely low P values, around .075. Running a 210 sized quad with F60’s

Btw, you have to check this stuff out. You will ditch the foam tape forever. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002U2GS2K/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Thanks for the link for the kyosho gel, I think I’ll add that to the wiki.

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