Pixracer Traditional heli setup

Hello friends. I am trying to setup pixracer with an old ECO8 flybar helicopter. I have loaded the ChibiOS Heli:ArduCopter V3.6.5 firmware and the recommended heli param file for QGC, and calibrated radio and sensors.
I am using a Taranis and X8R sbus, configured 6 flight modes, AETR inputs, no mixes and reversed channel 2. I have setup a switch (SF) to enable Throttle.
Connected to pixracer servo1, servo2, servo3, rudder servo, servo 5 disabled and servo6 HeliRSC. The ESC has no governor.
A first question is related to reverse channels and servos. My current configuration has channel 2 reversed in the transmitter and servo1 reversed in QGC. With this, the swash plate have proper movements . I have tried to reverse the RC2 channel in QGC instead in the radio but it doesn’t work.
Another question is that I am not able to arm the FC, I get the motor interlock enabled message. When I tried to reverse the servo6 throttle, then the rotor started even when not prearmed (my safety failure).ECO8_Setup_QGC.parm (24.0 KB)

I would acknowledge if you can check the params file and tell me what is missing in my configurations.

Juan I’m not sure if the pixracer is similar to the radiolink minipix but I just ran into a similar problem setting up a little helicopter with these boards that have only six outputs. Check the BRD_PWM parameter and make sure it is set to “6 PWM OUTPUTS” That fixed mine after fumbling for days, I can’t check your patams at the moment but I would start there

My apologies, I looked at your file and you do have 6 PWM outputs and as you said you have number 6 set to RSC and 8 is disabled. Im sure some of the more knowledgeable guys on here will chime in soon.

So this is a little tricky. No matter what you do, you need to ensure that both your inputs and the swashplate movement due to angular rates is correct. Of course you want to have the swashplate move in the direction of your stick. However you want it to tilt away from the direction of angular rate. So if you roll the aircraft right, you want the swashplate to tilt left. You can check this on the bench with the aircraft disarmed in stabilize mode. Your first case of reversing the transmitter output is fine. if you want to keep the tranmitter in normal, then you will probably have to not only reverse the rc channel 2 but also reverse the servo outputs. I think you should just stick to reversing the channel 2 in the transmitter.

So on your transmitter, you need to set up channel 8 to a switch. with the switch low, the motor interlock will be disabled (throttle hold on) and the pre arm message will go away. once you arm the aircraft then flip the channel 8 switch and that will enable motor interlock ( throttle hold off). Looks like you are using RSC mode 3 (throttle curve). So you will have to tune your throttle curve to get your rotor speed to stay constant throughout your collective range.
Also since your heli has a flybar, be sure to zero the P and D gains for pitch and roll. that could potentially cause problems since your fly bar is already working to stabilize the heli. You might have to back off on your I term as well but the flybar is not as sensitive to that.

Thank you Bill. I setup a switch in CH8 to swap throttle on/off. About the P, D gains, I guess they are in the ATC_RAT parameters, but QGC don’t allow me to set 0, unless I set the Force save (dangerous) flag, (I expect this to be safe).
For the throttle curve, do you think that a slight V curve will do the job, something such 90-80-70-80-90?
Anyway, I am waiting for a new ESC with governor. Which will be more suitable RSC mode for this new ESC, Setpoint or a flat throttle curve?

Hi… Any Luck with your heli setup…?

Hello Sam. Finally I was able to program the taranis to have the correct swash plate movements, safety switches and change the flight mode. Unfortunately I had a bad NiMh battery for the old ECO8 and I couldn’t take off more than a couple cm. above the floor. I have been several months without working on the heli, I expect to come back in some time, but not sure when. Tell me you have some specific question that I can help.

Hi Juan… Thanks for the reply… I just finished my trex 450. My setup is a Pixracer, latest heli firmware, flies absolutely great, hands free, loiter, RTL , works perfect, I had some trouble last week, the heli kind a drifts to right, but I got it worked out making a small adjustment in the tail. thanks for the reply again.

You’re welcome Sam. Great to hear.

I have a Taranis QX7s and a T-Rex 470L unmounted. I would acknowledge if you can share with me your TX config and the Ardupilot params file, It may be I can replicate your setup when I come back to the hobby, probably in a couple of months.

Have a nice flight!

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