PixRacer R15 SPI


I need help connecting a SPI device (PMW3901 optical flow) to my PixRacer R15, on Mrobotics website, they specifically note that the R15 supports SPI and they say its a 7 pin connector, but there is no 7 Pin connector on the board. Can I use the telemetry USART in SPI mode maybe? (Mro has yet to reply to my email)


It’s not brought out externally. I think the description, which is many years old now, just means the sensor suite is on an SPI bus. Anyway, all the info for Ardupilot is here:

What 7 pin connector?

On the User guide page they list the pins for the SPI connection. But there is no diagram.

Let’s see what Mro says. I have 3 Pixracers, perhaps there is a later version. The 3D model in that link shows the same connectors on the units I have.

The original Pixracer does not have a native external SPI port but some users have reassigned the pins from the WIFI module header for that purpose. Due to the level of interest, this was a feature I made sure got added to the newer Pixracer Pro design. Thank you for pointing out this error in our documentation. I will fix that now!


I purposely bought your PixRacer R15 because I thought it had an SPI port available :sweat_smile:. Is there an easy way to get the Wifi header working as an SPI port? Will I still be able to use the Wifi card at the same time?


Actually I think I can use the ESP 8266 on another Telemetry port and then I just need to figure out how to use the WiFi port as an SPI connection. Is there a guide anywhere?