Pixracer R15 slow boot on battery

Hi everyone,

I replaced my old Pixracer R15 which died after a crash by a new one from mRo and I’m having a weird issue not present before. When I power my Pixracer through the power connector it boot on the bootloader as I was powering it on USB and then it launch Arducopter.

My old Pixracer didn’t have this type of behaviour so I think it’s not the standard behaviour. I first thought about a hardware issue so I checked the hardware but everything seems fine.

The only difference between the two Pixracer is the bootloader version. I updated the new Pixracer with mission planner. I think this might be the cause of the issue but I can’t find the old bootloader anywhere to test my hypothesis.

The long boot time isn’t bothering me but it’s causing problems with the ESC and the OSD which do not initialize properly due to the autopilot which take ages to boot.

Is anyone in possesion of the an older bootloader version so that I can test my hypothesis ?
Do you have any other idea ?

Thanks for your answers guys