Pixracer - PX4Flow issue

Hi all,
I’m Guillaume from Bordeaux, working on uav flight without GPS.
I’m trying to set up PX4Flow module on a little uav controlled by a Pixracer.

Problem is that i’ve no values moving in the MissionPlanner Flight Data screen’s Status tab:
opt_m_x, opt_m_y and an opt_qua values keep equal to zero, and the message “Bad OptFlow Health” always appaers in the HUD.

I’ve followed the instructions in the “PX4FLOW Optical Flow Camera Board Overview” from copter wiki.
Flashed the last firmware “px4flow-klt-06Dec2014.px4” on PX4Flow module,
Running Copter V3.4.5 on Pixracer.

Pixracer and PX4Flow are connected by I2C ports, PX4Flow seems to be well powered.

I’ve tested the PX4Flow board with a Pixhawk, and the same I2C wires, it seems to work fine, values are moving.

Now i don’t really know what’s not working, any suggestion will be really appreciated.


Hi Guillaume,

PX4Flow was causing issues when used in Pixracer so it was disabled in 3.4. You might want to try 3.5-rc1 and see if it works - but be advised that is a beta firmware, not a stable one.

Ok thanks! I will try with 3.5-rc1 tomorrow, any idea when stable 3.5 version will be available?

I have no timeline. 3.5-rc2 should be out soon though.