Pixracer pro & mro nexus

I was reading through some change logs for the new arducopter releases and saw a few new Flight contollers that caught my attention from one of the most reliable flight controller manufacturers out there Mrobotics. I was just wondering if @pkocmoud or @pemase could possibly give us a little more info about these new devices or maybe they cannot until they are released. If anyone is in the market for an amazing flight controller or peripherals look no further than Mrobotics they are the best company I have ever dealt with.

Good day, new mRo pixracer pro will have the H7 MCU, more updated sensors…, dual can ports and 8 pwm… etc,
mRo nexus its and advanced and high performance fc…with new features and a good compass
On master you can find the bootloader and firmware for both flight controllers.
Waiting for the release…
They have a good concept before every release… i can confirm…the Company is good and the staff is well prepared…