Pixracer Power Module Alternative (Matek FCHUB-A5 W/ CURRENT SENSOR)

I have been having trouble with the power supply to my Pixracer (R14). It is an AUAV Power Module (ACSP5), It is giving me both low power (less than 5V average) and very noisy. I have been looking into a replacement like the ACSP4 but wanted some feedback on using an FCHUB-A5 W/ CURRENT SENSOR instead.


This would solve a few power distribution issues for me as well as being cheaper. I propose to wire it this way so i can still get current and voltage sensing but I’m not sure about the voltage sensing connection. It looks like it will fry the FC.

Pixracer —> Matek PDB
1/ GND —> any of the available small GND pads
2/ GND —> Void (not connected)
3/ VOLTAGE —> Vbt pad… ???
4/ CURRENT —> Cur pad
5/ VCC —> Void (not connected)
6/ VCC —> Any 5V pad

Other ideas welcome.


It looks to me like Vbt is full battery voltage and would certainly blow your Voltage sense input.
As far as I know all Pixhawk derivatives expect a scaled voltage level, you’d need to set up a voltage divider.

The documentation for the unit is bad. The PixRacer is expecting a scaled value between 0 and 3.3v that it converts to the voltage and current. This unit doesn’t seem to do that.

I would buy the ACSP7 unit.


I can give testimony of the ACSP7 Power Module, I have been using it in my Pixracer for more than three months, the most accurate so far.

I have been having trouble with poor voltage and no ability to measure current.


The Pixracer just hates providing power to external devices. Once I off loaded the telemetry modem, and lidar…my voltage got better and my current sensing started working. Go figure.
I should have known better then try to power things from the fc.

Thad tpdb does not have a voltage sensor on it … only a current sensor … so you have to build a voltage divider…

Thanks all for the input i have opted to get both an ACSP7 and 4.