PixRacer onboard LED's

After first loading 3.5 you need to set the Frame Class. This can be set in the Initial setup screen or using full parameter screen.

And yes, the Onboard LED’s now work on the PixRacer. It’s only taken a year to get that done.


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Re the delay… well, you know… there’s always lots of things to do. … got there in the end!
thanks for testing!

hey guys, could you elaborate on the setting “Frame Class” I have a tricopter Frame parameter set to 1, but my pixracer LEDs (AUAV made) still doesn’t work. please advise, thanks!


Are you using AC3.5-rc1? For a tricopter, FRAME_CLASS should be set to “7”.
Here’s the parameter description: http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/parameters.html#frame-class-frame-class

This shouldn’t affect the LEDs however.