PixRacer Mount Question to minimize Vibration

I have a PixRacer that I intend to mount using a 5mm thick KOSHO gel pad.
Noting for the FULL sized PixHawk, the recommended mount is to have 4 small squares of foam near each corner of the FC unit. My FC unit is much smaller…and I was planning on the gel pad, not foam. Hoping to hear from others who have been down this road.

  1. Should I try to duplicate that mounting concept, using 4 independent squares of the gel pad to mount the PixRacer? Note the size of the PixRacer is ~ 40mm x 40mm and each of the 4 mount pads would be about 1.5 cm. The alternative is to use one large slab.

  2. I have “lead tape” that can be epoxy-ed to the PixRacer case bottom to give it 40g or more “mass”. Granted, I could mount without the lead and experiment…but was wondering if others have been down this road. Do a vibration test first?

  3. How critical is it that I cover the internal barometer with open cell black foam to block light?
    Thanks to all.

Good day, im using in one of my drones the mRo pixracer r15, for minimize the vibrations I’ve add a gel pad under the 3d printed cover, i don’t put foam for cover the baro coz it can give false reading of the pressure.
In case you can add also nylon plastic stand with rubber so the fc will not be so near the arms