Pixracer immediately in bootloader(quickly flashing yellow) mode upon connect to usb

I have had quite an odd occurrence tonight on 2 new pixracers and 1 that had ardurover installed. with MP build 1.3.7208.12879 it seems as though when you connect the pixracers to usb they are in bootloader mode (pardon my arrogance not sure if its bootloader mode but led flashes very quickly yellow) and if you try and install any firmware via just picking from the available firmware that is loaded and you plug and unplug the usb like asked it won’t load I also tried the force bootloader mode and that just acted like it was connecting to MP. It also seems as though once I did the direct driver install for the cubes that is located here things that aren’t hex but also aren’t some cheap knock off autopilots are having many issues connecting or uploading firmware. Has anyone else had the same issue? Please due note I was able to install firmware but it was quite the trial and error.