Pixracer - Copter 3.5 - Motor is not spinning properly


We’re building a racing drone with Pixracer and Arducopter 3.5.4 but one of the motors is not spinning properly -

Here is the build config -

  1. Pixracer (Xracer) with WiFi
  2. HOBBYMATE 1306 Motors
  3. HOBBYMATE BLHeli_S 20A Dshot ESC
  4. RotorX RX3044T Propellor
  5. 130mm frame
  6. 1550mah (11.1V Tattu Battery)

This happens during the motor test itself. What is going wrong?

Thank you !

Put that motor on a different ESC and test it again. If the problem remains, its the motor. If the problem goes away its the ESC…

From the sounds the motor is making, I’d say either the bearings are shot, or there is come “crap” stuck between the magnets and the stator pole pieces…

My money is on a shattered bearing cage.One of those sounds that make the hairs on my neck stand up.

I just got the new motors and ESC, will replace them and see. Any tips for not frying the motors again?

Will lower the PIDS for this mini build but anything on the hardware side I should be worried about?

Just don’t put too long screws in when mounting.The bearings are tiny in these motors.I’ve changed a lot of bearings,mostly in my smaller motors.

All motors can fail straight out of the factory,especially the bearings.But magnets can come off and detritus can get in.I like to check mine when I buy them.I feel and listen for rough bearings constantly…