Pixracer clones 3.4-rc3/4 error

So I got stuck with a clone board. Been trying to order one from AUAV but they’re out, thought i’d check out the clone and see how it worked.

So i found out that with 3.3.4 it works, but loading 3.4-rc4 from “beta firmwares” on MP it boots but fails with the “Check BRD_TYPE: no ms5611 found” error.

After some testing, found out that the latest 3.4-dev build works. Using ArduCopter-v4.px4 from the todays build 2016-09-13-19:09/PX4-quad. Just download the PX4 file and upload with “custom firmware” option on the firmware screen. The downside is of course your running dev code, but in reality I should’ve just waited on the authentic Pixracer.

I’ve purchased two AUAV-X2Q boards from AUAV, and the build quality is awesome. Solid hardware. The clones cut corners and honestly, saving a few bucks isn’t worth risking your frame with bad regulators and undercutting the developers of this hardware.

As I’ve told you in the other forum, 3.4-rc5 will have a workaround for clones. Unfortunately, the last I heard, AUAV had an issue with their factory and will be out of Pixracer for, at least, a month.

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… and AC3.4-rc5 is on it’s way out right now! Hopefully it’ll appear in the mission planner in a few hours.


Yup, tested it. Works!!! Thanks so much!

great news!
I’m going to close this issue then, txs!

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