Pixracer Clone 3.5-RC1 GPS No Fix

Pixracer Clone, uBlox M8N GPS, Firmware 3.4.5 and 3.5-RC1

I have recently been having troubles trying to arm my quad.
While outside and all powered up. I would get zero satellites and GPS No Fix showing on the HUD. I would wait around 20minutes with no change.
While playing around in Mission Planner at home, the PixRacer would make the charm and I able to arm the quad, still had zero satellites and GPS No Fix showing.
Was told to update my firmware to 3.5-Rc1 and see if that fixes any of my issues. No change.
I have had the quad flying numerous times before with no trouble at all finding satellites and flying with no issues. I have also recently wired up a new GPS to see if the other was faulty, with no change.

Attached are a few Telemetry files. If you need anything else, please let me know.


2017-03-04 22-48-43.tlog (638.5 KB)
2017-03-04 23-31-34.tlog (1.3 MB)