Pixracer buzzer very quiet

I have an AUAV Pixracer running AC 3.4.6. I’m very happy with it, except the buzzer (came with the flight controller) is extremely quiet. I can only hear it indoors. The grass is growing - I really want a lost vehicle buzzer that I can hear. I can’t find any recent posts about this. I’d appreciate any pointers where to look …

  • a problem with the Pixracer hardware (generally, or mine specifically)?
  • an ArduCopter issue?

I’ve tried two different buzzers, so the problem probably isn’t a faulty buzzer.

Yes, I notice that the buzzer is not very loud in flight too. I made a special 3D printed mount that points it to the rear of the copter and still I can not hear it.

My buzzer on the Pixhawk though is nice and loud. Sometime I wish it was a little quieter. It is also easier to mount since it is large and flat.

There is some code talked about that will make the Buzzer quieter since is causes interference with the onboard IMU’s.