Pixracer Autopilot 3.4.5 Gyro problem

Issue details

iv’e buy a new pixracer and load Ardupilot 3.45 firmware, but i’ve a problem.
I set up all the sensor, soft tuning ad seam go fine.
But when i switch on for the first time and arm it for the first time, the drone fly fine, but when a rearm for the 3-4 time Qgroundcontrol tell me Arm check: gyro still setting and the drone is not stable.
If i see the gyro are not set correctly on horizon, but when i disarm ti fix yourself.
Then if switch off and switch on again the drone go fine and very stable until to the 3-4 time that i arm and disarm again i have the same problem.
I’ve test it with an other board and it do the same thing.
What is the problem?




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