Pixracer Arduplane 3.9.8 bad log files

I am running Arduplane 3.9.8 on a pixracer the plane itself seems to be working just fine I I was testing it in VTOL and it doesn’t seem to log more then a a tiny blimp. It shows a min, max, and mean but the display is just a vertical line. Has anyone else seen this I have other planes running 3.9.5 and have never seen this before?1 1-1-1980 8-00-00 AM.bin (944 KB)

You’re viewing the logs in Mission Planner, I assume? In the log viewer, there’s a checkbox at the bottom saying “use time”. In short, it breaks things if you leave that checked, so uncheck it.

Perfect that was it I never had that problem before must have checked it by accident. Thanks