Pixracer and frsky r-xsr

No. You need an inverter for Pixhawk.

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Good day,
me I’ve bought the mro pixracer, i have in the package the cable with servo connetor, how i must wire the frsky x8r receiver to the Pixracer

The same as I previously posted for the R-XSR substituting the same functions on the X8R. This assumes you also want telemetry otherwise is’s simply Sbut out of X8R to RCIN of PixRacer.

R-XSR-PixRacer.pdf (612.4 KB)

Yes, just Sbus out of the X8R to RCIN of the PixRacer +5 and Gnd.

The 5 pin JST to 3 pin servo will work. Just make sure the Signal, +5 and Gnd are in the right positions on the 3 pin servo connector.

And why not connect the Frsky port of the PixRacer to the Sport on the X8R while you are at it? It will give you all the Mavlink telemetry on your Tx w/o any modules. Nothing to lose. Assuming you have a 4 pin JST in your kit.

I will check… just in case i will invert the wire from the servo

its not working… even ive binded again

Hi, everyone.

I’m trying to use Pixracer R14 with R9Slim receiver. Commands are okay, but my Taranis X9D+ can’t discover the telemetry sensors. It’s working when using a X4RSB receiver, but not working with R9Slim. Any idea?

I would just like to personally thank you for your information in this thread , I bought the PixRacer V1 when it first came out but life got in the way and well… somehow i lost the wifi module so ordered one on ebay as the link in the thread didnt work so it doesnt have the correct SSID /firmware. As you offered more detail on how to fix this and am requestin your help on this topic. Thanks


Happy to help! Here is some updated information with updated firmware that includes a simple Web Interface for configuration. I flashed this to all my ESP8266 radios successfully.

Hi all

I posted in several threats but may in this one you had the same issue

I have recently several “no RC input” on the LUA script but not enough to have a failsafe
Also not visible on the logs (I believe log sampling time is not enough to capture such events)

My config : Pixracer R15 , R-XSR, arduplane 4.0.3

Thanks in advance


Did you say previously you are using the C&T script or was that somebody else? If you are I would ask them.


I send the log and config to C&T and they told me that the issue is not on their script.

Anyway I installed the yaapu script on my Taranis and expect to flight tomorrow

I will keep the information loop.

thanks again

Yaapu is my preference having tried both.

this is where I get stuck with a similar setup: no telemetry received on the Taranis.
Serial4_Baud is 57
Serial4_Options is 4 (“Half Duplex”)
Serial4_Protocol is 4 (Frsky S.Port).
when I go to discover new sensors all it shows is a GPS (which btw is not connected – hence 0’s only shown).
Any hint appreciated !

For PixRacer

Tie the Rx and Tx wires together out of the Frsky port of the Pixracer and connect that to the Sport of the Rx.

You don’t need to discover sensor with Yaapu.