Pixracer and Baro problem


2018-02-21 15-24-31 - first log, baro readings seems OK.
2018-03-08 11-58-10 - second log, second flight couple days later and is serious problem with baro

Question is if it could be problem with SD card port because sometimes Pixrecer won’t initialize until SD card replug.
I’ve changed SD Card 3 times and problem with Baro readings is like lotery, sometimes is OK an sometimes not.

Could someone help me resolv this problem ? I don’t know if it’s hardware problem or maybe voltage or something else.

Ps.There are also some gps reading spikes.

I couldn’t really tell much from your logs.
Can you please be more specific on “Baro Problem”?
What problem?

compare barometer readings between these two logs - this is the same multicopter.

Your baro seems defective.

I would use only the GPS as primary Altitude source with Ek2_Alt_Source parameter