Pixracer accelerometer EKF_CHECK-2. Crash in POSHOLD autotune mode

First attemp to autotune in poshold mode cause crash

3.5.rc7 crash.bin (1.2 MB)
I download log and see this error.

But before upgrading on 3.4.5 fw accelerometers work fine.

I complete autotune on all axis and try poshold again. Work fine instead same errors at start

Tommorow try flash 3.4.5(6) and try again.

I can’t provide more than a few observations.

Your motor 2 out seems to be working harder than the rest.
Is the copter balanced?
Is that motor ok?
Has that ESC been calibrated?

There is a lot of noise on the RCin channels 6 and 8 that is curious.
Is your radio OK?

Spikes in vibrations on the Acc, especially Z.
Have you wires hitting the FC?
Something loose?

noise ch6 and 8 is small, 1102-1104.
Copter balanced. But i found propmount unscrewed a bit. It cause vibrations. Motor ok.
ESC RS20a blheli_s calibrated.
today flash 3.4.6.
Same problem but fly well.

1.BIN (824.3 KB)

so there is not 3.5.rc7 problem. Problem in my pixracer.