PixRacer 3.4.6 Bad Compass Health on first few boots then Clears

I just finished a new build with a PixRacer installed running 3.4.6. I also am using the new ProfiCNC Here GPS with integrated safety button and Status LED using I2C to run both the LEDs and the onboard compass. I first had a hardware issue where I could never get the new Here Compass to register and show up when Installed and tried to calibrate. I looked over and over to see if the External ever registered and it never did. I ended up sending the Here GPS back and received a replacement that works just fine when I first booted and calibrated. I have been flying fine going through all the tuning etc without any issues. No vibration problems etc. Over the last few days I am starting to notice that when I first boot the PixRacer for a flight I instantly get a Bad Compass Health. I booted several times and eventually I get a clean boot. I first suspected I2C issues and started to look to see if there are any I2c errors but it looks clean. Also the LEDs on the Here GPS work flawlessly. Looking at the Bad Compass Health logs I noticed that the External Compass seems to register but never starts to work. Once it starts working It works like a charm which you can see int he last DataLog which indicates a successful flight. I did see some EKF flags but I don’t know if these are an indication of a problem or not. I’m not sure if I continue to face a hardware issue or if there is some anomaly with the new Here GPS and the PixRacer not registering the External compass correctly in 3.4.6. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
2017-04-28 19-23-30.zip (3.4 MB)