Pixhwak 4 mini wiring

This is the wiring diagram from the PX4 site.

Why are they providing power to the Pixhawk4 mini twice? One with the blue connection on the top of the image (the one going from the 6 pin connector on the Power Module to the Power port on the PixHawk4 min) and the second one going via the 5V BEC?

This is done to power the servo, since there is no power on the +/- lines on servo rail

Ah gotcha, thanks. :slight_smile:

So the battery’s voltage and current draw and sent to the Pixhawk via the Power port (blue connection on top) ?

Exactly. Power to FC and current sensor information thru the blue.


Question about this and excuse my ignorance when it comes to FC wiring as this would be my first.

The ESC on a fixed wing normally has a -/+/signal pigtail which connects to a receiver that provides power to the receiver.

Can that simply be plugged into the servo rail which eliminates the need for what appears to be an external BEC since most ESC have a BEC built in?

Sure. The BEC from the ESC will power the servo rail.

From the Quick Start Guide:

Thanks for the confirmation Dave