Pixhaxk health checking

I would like to use a pixhawk 2.4.8 from a previous build to build a new multicopter instead of buy a new FC.

Could you say how can I check the pixhawk health… ?

There are prearm safety checks in ardupilot that display in mission planner, have you tried those, or are you looking for something else?


I mean check that compass, baro, servo output… are not damaged before use this FC for a new build…

So is it correct that you have a pixhawk which you’re not sure will work?

If so , you can check it by connecting the pixhawk to mission planner via usb., and attempting to arm it. If the compass or baro is bad, mp will tell you (ie the arming will fail the prearm checks)

Then you once it passes the prearm checks you connect a motor and esc and see if they work