Pixhawk2 Power2 Port?

Hi ,
I can’t find any description for the Power2 Port on PH2…
Wiring is the same like Power1 Port i heard … .i connected a Mauch 100A Module there…
works perfect, but how can i use the Power2 Port with having a redundancy system. ?
i would like to have the option connect one or two lipos for flying.


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If you have 2 Lipos make sure they are both charged when plugged in and have a battery decoupler as if one battery fails the 2nd one will try to charge it, and that is bad.

As for having redundancy you will need 2 power modules. One connected to lipo 1 the other to lipo 2. Pixhawk2 will automatically chose the power input.

thx Fr0ssT,

I never had problems when connecting 2 lipos in parallel to get more capacity.
Because there is still no description available for this power2 port , i was wondering if its
working redundant automatically with just connecting a second 5V power supply to power2 port
without using the current and voltage sensor line of this power2 port.

One of the power cables wich came with the PH2 is made with only red cables…this was irritating
for me and without any description why and how to use this power2 port, i had doubt about using
it in the correct way.

From what I understand, PH2 will use Power1 until there is something wrong when PH2 will use power from Power2 port.

Power source priority:
1 Power1
2 Power2
4 Servo rail *FMU disabled at this point