Pixhawk2 orange cube. Err:FAILSAFE_GCS-1, FAILSAFE_GCS-0, MSG:RTL,GCS Failsafe, GCS Failsafe Cleared

Version : Copter 4.0.4
FC : Pixhawk2 Orange Cube with ADSB

failsafe parameters

this param is suspicious

I wonder why failsafe gcs occured. RAD log is normal.

Thank you to take time with this

That fail safe will trigger if you have GSC FS Enable checked in Mission Planner > Setup > Failsafe and the GSC (Ground Control Station) is not connected to the flight controller via telemetry radios.

Yes, it is. but it is connected via telemetry all the time. That’s why I wonder.

Thank you Gazer

That makes no sense. Is the HUD active, i.e. the artificial horizon moves when the aircraft moves?

HUD was in real time.
It was changed RTL MODE automatically
then gcs failsafe - gcs failsafe cleared (still RTL MODE)
then I changed PosHold MODE
after this, I didnt use this drone yet
Thank you Gazer