Pixhawk2, Mission Planner, Here+ RTK, SIMPLE BGC,MAVLink issue


I have a DJI S900 frame, Pixhawk 2, Here + RTK, Mission Planner on Windows, and I am trying to establish the MAVLink connection to the 3-Axis Gimbal. In the Simple BGC GUI, I am receiving packets, but theres no gimbal control from mission planner. I have used the RC Virt channels to get the Horus X10S controller to move the gimbal, but there is no response when using mission planner commands to establish a region of interest and point the gimbal in the correct direction. I have seen this work before, and I would greatly appreciate a 0-100 walk through of connecting via MAVLink to Simple BGC gimbals in order to command through mission planner (not the controller) where the gimbal locks on.

I know how to make the copters Yaw lock onto a region of interest, and then point the copter inwards while traveling in a circle around the ROI, but I need to be able to point the gimbal in Roll Pitch Yaw through a direct mission planner command. Thanks for any help!

PS I have used the wiki and I am looking for a ground up walk through for this particular set up. I truly appreciate any help.