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Pixhawk2 Builtin OSD

(Patryck Oliveira) #1

Hi guys,

Just a desire from fpv lovers, this message is mainly for developer guys. Pixhawk is used for many fpv pilots. But, unfortunately, Pixhawk haven"t a decent OSD, we have avaliable a poor and old osd system - minimosd.
Please, could you consider build a decent osd system for pixhawk. Fpv community wait for it a long time. This desire is from community to community.

Patryck Oliveira.

(gmorph) #2

I’m not familiar with FPV systems other then minimosd. Do you have a suggestion for the best ones we should support?

Thanks, Grant.

(skyscraper) #3

You could try AlceOSD. Actually repoed in ArduPilot

You could try mine , but you would have to make it yourself :wink:

There is also PlayUAVOSD

(Patryck Oliveira) #4

I would like see something buitin like Vector, no extra board and OSD layout configured in the mission planner.

You can see a example here

(John DeVere) #5

I’m curious to know what’s lacking with the micro minimosd available for about $4 with minimosd-extra firmware that is current and well-maintained.

I haven’t looked at any other OSD’s because this one is more than capable of everything I could possibly need. And there’s nothing as wonderful as something that just plain works.

(tucuman79) #6

Hello, I’ve flown FPV for 7 years with Range Video OSD (RVOSD). This is a complete autopilot and OSD product, just for planes frames. Flight capabilities are decent, not the best but main funcions like Fly by wire or RTL works good. The most remarkable feature is the OSD display, the best I’ve ever seen. All telemetries data you need are displayed in a very nice and easy reading format. Also data refresh frecuency is optimal (not paused like miniosd and others). May be developers might be interested in this OSD graphics as point o start for a new OSD for Pixhawk FPV enthusiasm. Here you are some examples:

(glacier051) #7


Take a look at Pitlabs OSD. Recently coded for Mavlink.

Simple 3 wire cable from a Pixhawk telem port. Very robust graphical OSD. Can send commands from your flight radio through the OSD to Pixhawk.

Latest f/w version here: (descriptive manuals included)