Pixhawk2.4.8 60% throttle maximum thrust

Hi all,
I built a ESC Mamba F50 BL32 ESC, motors Xing 1800kv, GPS Radiolink SE 100, radio RadioMaster TX16S, receiver RadioMasterR81, FC Pixhawk2.4.8.

Problem is that I noticed during the configuration in mission planner that motors reach max power when throttle is on 60%.
All value looks OK (between about 1000 to 2000), on mission planner all channels looks calibrated. I read that my ESC cannot be calibrated, anyhow I tried ESC calibration procedure, after the calibration (but still in calibration mode) throttle is OK but restarting the Pixhawk stabilize mode again max power on 60%(1600PWM) throttle.

You will need to access the BLHELI settings in the ESC and turn off Low RPM Power Protect

Thank you for your reply.
When in esc calibration mode, the stick and rpm are proportionally correct, with maximum rpm when the stick is at maximum.
However, in pixhawk’s stabilize mode, when the stick is 60% (1600), it is clearly the maximum rotation speed (same as the maximum rotation speed in calibration mode), and when the remaining 40% (1600-2000) No change in rpm.
Therefore, it seems that the problem is not the motor torque, but the controller input and the motor speed.

Use only Mission Planner motor test for this.
Unless the aircraft is free to actually fly then output is not as you expect.

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