Pixhawk2.1 Power Module

Hoping someone can assist me in purchasing a second pixhawk 2.1 power module. I probably should have asked this question first, what is the module that came with the Pixhawk2.1 rated for in terms of voltage and current?

Many thanks

Chuck R

The PH2.1 power module is rated at 8S but only 30A.

There are a few alternatives on the market, some with built in BEC and some without.
New Crius Power Module 28V 90A for Pixhawk APM2.8 APM2.6 APM Flight Controller with built in BEC
Mauch 100A - Current measurement sensor board, based on Allegro Hall Sensor ACS-100U.


Appreciate the response but I’m trying to buy the same power module that came with the new Pixhawk 2, see attached pic. Because the DF connection points are different than standard Pixhawk I didn’t want to fabricate connectors.
After looking more closely at the module I found on the main board “8S Power” inscribed so I’m fairly confident it will handle my 6S Lipo’s.

Mike,check out the Mauch stuff.Christian does it with customised cables for each application so no problems fitting or hacking.I can’t find a supply of these ones and won’t be using the one that came with the Pix 2.1 anyway for this build (I have a pair of Mauch ones and a hub).They are not stupidly expensive either.He has got European stockists now.

Maybe Proficnc can point us at supplies of the stock one, which looks good for smaller copters.That’s where my one will end up.

The X8 that I’m working on will support 100KV motors running 60A ESC’s with 2685 CF props, accessories or add ons will be video transmitter, ADSB (ping), running lights, 3 axis DSLR gimbal with dedicated radio receiver, flight control systems include Pixhawk2, Here GPS, DSM X receiver, RFD900+.
Ran these specs through ecalc and indications are that the Power Module that came with the Pixhawk2 which is rated at 30A will be insufficient, that’s if I’m interpreting the data correctly.
Better safe than sorry I have ordered a 180A and 90A Attopilot board.
Thanks again for the advise.

How did you end up converting your battery voltage down to 5V for the pix?