Pixhawk2,1 Black Cube Here+ RTK - No RTK Lock

I have just purchased the Here+RTK for US$600 and can’t get the Rover to establish RTK Lock.

The base station set to 2m accuracy acquires position relatively fast but getting the rover to change from 3D Fix / 3 dgps to rtf Float or Fix is impossible.

I have gone to a flat hill nearby with zero obstruction for 180 degrees in all directions and zip - still no rtf lock.

Anybody have similar experience or found a way around this - or even if you don’t have any problems using the same gear, please help.

If you go to the RTK screen in MP, is it getting corrections?

Is GPS_INJECT_TO set to 127?
Is SERIALn_PROTOCOL set to 2 for your telemetry radio port?

This is what I’m getting - where would the corrections appear?

I have not read any documentation regarding GPS_INJECT_TO - but will certainly try next time I fire it up.
As far as serial protocol goes - I’m getting Mavlink so I’m sure thats all fine.

There is a difference between Mavlink 1 and 2; you MAY need 2 for RTK even if MavLink 1 appears to work for everything else.

Why is this not in the documentation for Rover - RTK?