Pixhawk2.1-based hexacopter design documentation

Hello. Over the past several months I’ve used an enormous amount of information made available on this and other forums in the construction of a Pixhawk2-based 680mm hexacopter. It was great fun to build and even more to fly, although I confess a lot of anxiety when my son flies it. Maybe I’ll get over that.

I’ve posted some documentation describing the design and construction the drone here:


This folder includes the main document “2017 hexacopter 680 rev-.pdf” as well as copies of several referenced documents. Most of the information contained here is likely well known to the subject matter experts, but may be helpful to those building their first drone.

Sincere thanks to everyone on this forum for sharing your knowledge.

This is a quick summary of the construction:

Frame: Modified Tarot FY690S with Tarot TL65B44 Retractable Landing Skid Gear
Motors: KDE Direct KDE2814XF-775
Motor Electronic Speed Controller (ESC): KDE Direct KDEXF-UAS35 35A+
Propellers: KDE Direct KDE-CF125-DP 12.5" x 4.3 pitch
Flight Computer Hardware: Hex Pixhawk2.1
Autopilot Software: ArduPilot Copter
Ground Control Station Software: ArduPilot Mission Planner
Remote Controller Hardware: FrSky Taranis X9D Plus, 2.4GHz
Remote Controller Software: OpenTX with Flight Deck
RC Receiver: FrSky X8R, 2.4 Ghz
Telemetry Radio: RF Design RFD900, 900MHz, 1W max
Battery: 2x Tattu 4S, 6750 mAh, LiPo
DC-DC Converters: HOBBYMATE 5.2-5.25V/5.85-6V-3A switch mode UBEC
Battery Monitor: FrSky FLVSS
Camera Gimbal: Feiyu-Tech Mini 3D Pro
Camera: GoPro HERO4 Black

And a pic: