Pixhawk1 + RFD900+ AC 3.6.7 + ChibiOS bootloader

Hi all,

I’m having a weird issue with PH1 and RFD900+ telemetry when updating firmware to Copter 3.6.7 with ChibiOS bootloader, having the telemetry connected to Telem1 port.

(I’m not having that problem with 3.6.6 with NuttX bootloader)

When I power on the system with a battery, telemetry led turns to fixed red and I’m not able to connect through telemetry.

If I power on the system via USB, the telemetry led goes to green, and I’m able to connect to it through telemetry. If I connect a battery, while powered on through USB, I’m still able to connect via telemetry. Even if I disconnect the USB cable while is still powered though the battery, the telemetry module keeps working fine.

The first solution I found to have the telemetry working with PH1, AC 3.6.7 and ChibiOS bootloader, has been to connect the telemetry module to Telem2.

If I do that, I can power on the system with a battery without any telemetry problem.

(For me, PH2 and RFD900+ is working fine AC3.6.7 with both bootloaders. PH1 with 3dr telemetry is also working fine)

Is there any parameter or setup to make a PH1 with a RFD900+ telemetry module connected to Telem1 port work properly, or may be a ChibiOS-PH1 issue?

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Remove CTS and DTR wires from you connection between pixhawk and rfd900. RFD900 uses them to enter into bootloader mode during powerup, and it seems that chibios puts some unwanted levels out during non usb startup. During normal communication these signals are not used anyway.

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Great! I’m going to do that! Thank you

It’s a different question, but it comes to me reading your answer.

Then, if it’s in bootloader mode, should I be able to update the telemetry firmware of the module connected to the pixhawk, through pixhawk, instead of using a FTDI cable?

Nope, that kind of pass through is not supported.

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Ok, great
Thanks a lot!

Actually, arbitrary serial pass through is supported, but only in Master. I’d expect it will make the next full release cycle.

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