Pixhawk1 is coming to an end

Unfortunately, Pixhawk1 is coming to an end due to most components being already discontinued, we know many people love it and trust it (we still sell a lot of them).

Would you feel less sad if we offered you an option million lightyears better, with the same factor, after we stop Pixhawk1 production?

As a gift to our community, at mRobotics we will offer Control Zero Classic AKA. Pixhawk1 Pro. So we can peacefully put Pixhawk1 on its well-deserved retirement, but provide some of you another option.

CZC is based on our well tested Control Zero platform, which is currently used by fortune 500 military and research entities around the world, with several hundred hours of usage in harsh conditions. We would like to share more data, but… Those NDAs are killing all the fun! It is so successful that believe it or not, it is being considered to go to another planet.

Offers brand new voltage selectable buffers that are compatible with DShot, 12 PWM outputs, and yes… An H7 microcontroller, and half the price. Among other features.

What do you think?


I thought the Hirose DF13 connector was marked End of Life/Obsolete as well? What about moving to JST-GH?

Other than that, it looks pretty good! I like the USB-C touch, bringing things into 2020!

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Good day,
the concept of the board is good and its based on a consolidated platform, the new design… the new H7 and other improvements give more spicy to this board.
The usb type c offer a very good speed rates aside provide you a good voltage.
i can say that pixhawk 1 is s great board but as all the things but have an evolution… and you have focused on it.

Good day,
i think that hirose df 13 is a good option for this board…, they provide you a good solidity on the wiring, also bcoz this fc it’s s little bit different from others…

Agree, would be happy to see the end of Hirose DF13.

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