Pixhawk/X8R/Taranis battery voltage telemetry

Hi, I am new to RC and have a S500 quad, pixhawk autopilot, most recent firmware and mission planner software. Just flew my first test flight today, only went through 4 spare props :stuck_out_tongue:. I have a single X8R hooked up through the SBUS and paired with my taranis. My question is what telemetry am I getting through this config, my controller displays battery voltage, and occasionally politely tells me “telemetry lost” and “telemetry recovered” but it does not appear accurate, it shows 4.5 volts or so when 3s battery cell capacity is 4.2. I assume it is just reading 5v supplied from the pixhawk directly to the receiver and is not a true indication of battery status.

Also, is there any way to get telemetry data with just one x8r through the pixhawk or do I need two, what specific additional equipment do I need? thanks!

Might want to try one of these.

Doesn’t the pixhawk report battery level in its native telemetry?

Not for your lipo. You need the sensor unit for that.


Ok, thanks, and I know it is out of the scope of this forum, but I am still unsure if I can do this with one X8R receiver or if I need both, it seems to me that one would work, but can’t find the info to back that up, thanks again!