Pixhawk won't engage GPS modes

I can’t get my pixhawk to enter any GPS flight modes. I am 99% certain the reason is that I am getting a maximum of 8 satellites and I need 9 due to this error message;

[quote]03/01/2016 00:13:54 - 084261: Mode Changed to Stabilize
03/01/2016 00:13:54 - 084261: Mode Initialised at 54.0480061 -2.7769456 Alt: 5.52 Spd:1.42
03/01/2016 00:13:54 - 084437: FLIGHT MODE ERROR: the vehicle was unable to enter Loiter mode.
03/01/2016 00:14:06 - 087987: FLIGHT MODE ERROR: the vehicle was unable to enter Loiter mode.
03/01/2016 00:14:50 - 101160: LANDING_GEAR_RETRACTED
03/01/2016 00:15:39 - 116013: LANDING_GEAR_DEPLOYED
03/01/2016 00:16:10 - 125524: FLIGHT MODE ERROR: the vehicle was unable to enter Loiter mode.
03/01/2016 00:16:22 - 129186: FLIGHT MODE ERROR: the vehicle was unable to enter Loiter mode.
03/01/2016 00:16:39 - 134164: LAND_COMPLETE_MAYBE
03/01/2016 00:16:39 - 134405: Landed
Alt(m ~ ft) Spd(m/s ~ mph) Dist(km ~ mi) Launch(m ~ ft) GPS-Sats GPS-Hdop Eff(mA/min)
Max 14 ~ 45 10 ~ 22 0.32 ~ 0.20 36.43 ~ 119.53 8 1.42 N/A
Avg 4 ~ 13 1 ~ 2 N/A ~ N/A N/A ~ N/A 7 1.32 252.73
Min 1 ~ 3 0 ~ 0 N/A ~ N/A 3.06 ~ 10.03 7 1.04 N/A
Stabilize Flight Time (Session)= 165 seconds, 2:45
Stabilize Flight Time (Total)= 312 seconds, 5:12
WARNING: Less than 9 Satellites was detected during this mode.[/quote]

I can’t seem to find the variable that controls this value. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the video from the flight:


Here’s a link to the log file generated;


Have you tried using just 1 gps module?

On this aircraft - no I haven’t. I just went straight to 2 because I had them wired up and ready to go.

I have used these 2 GPS units successfully with this pixhawk flight controller in the past but that would have been an earlier firmware version on a previous aircraft.

I will be running 2 GPS’s when I use this aircraft commercially. It just seems like a good idea. I will try flying with just 1 tomorrow if the weather cooperates.

The issue might be that the quad is overpowered and I had not properly set the THR_MID value. I was on defaults and have now retuned to 320 based on the logs I’m seeing.

Link to log file;

I will test it again tomorrow if the weather allows and see if setting that correctly has made a difference.

I thought if THR_MID was wrong the aircraft would still go into loiter mode but would then start climbing or descending as opposed to the behavior which I am seeing where it just doesn’t go into the flight mode and the alarm lets out the GPS error noise.

I have pinpointed the problem. I was using an arduino hack via the telemetry port to get telemetry over 2.4ghz with my X8r and taranis. For some reason I can’t get the GPS to work in GPS flight modes when that’s also attached. I have removed the arduino and will use the full teensy 3.1 based project just as soon as my teensy turns up.

Not trying to shill for anyone here, but I just purchased the telemetry module from Craft and Theory and it works great. Has a hud as well (on the Taranis). Not real expensive either and doesn’t require assembly. Search for it online.