Pixhawk with RTK


Thinking about going for Pixhawk with RTK for my planes and multirotor system.

Basically, I just found that there are multiple systems available in terms of RTK that are compatible with Pixhawk and Pixhawk Cube 2.1, viz. ublox, jdrones, cuav, etc.

I need this system set-up for mapping and surveying applications. Now, I would like to know what are the RTK systems out all that is compatible with Pixhawk and can give the precision in surveying and mapping with plane and multirotor vehicles?

If anyone has used any of the systems, please share your reviews and guide me along.


I am using the Here+v2 and it works ok. It takes a long tome to fix is the only drawback. (L1 only)
The newer (mulit band) F9P boards are faster I have a couple Drotec modules that work very good.
I only have these for testing and they are not complete flying machines yet. Soon I hope to see the HerePro at market this will be a good option when available.
Most are priced about $300 per unit with antenna. Look for one with a compass for flight control. Go with the multi band but realize for $300 there are a few hurdles to get survey grade measurements.

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Thank you for your response and feedback about the RTK systems.

I am still waiting for some more responses from other people.