Pixhawk with external FBL unit

ok thanks.

Well since this setup is just a test platform, I will not go for so many flight hours.
But I will make sure to use cyclic servos for a proper setup in the future.

with your suggestion, the servo moves fine! no burning so far :slight_smile:


I’m trying to follow the instructions in this thread but I still not get it to work.

I’ve tried to follow the instruction here as well and still have problem.

I’m using the following HW:

  • Pixhawk 1
  • Mini VBar
  • FrSky RC with ch1 = ail, ch2 = Ele, ch3 = Thr, ch4 = Rud configuration (No mixing at all)

I’ve changed the following parameters:

Param Original Value --> Change to

H_SW_TYPE 0–>1
ATC_RAT_PIT_VFF 0.15–>0.35
ATC_RAT_RLL_VFF 0.15–>0.35
ATC_RAT_YAW_VFF 0.09–>0.35
H_SW_TYPE 3–>1
ATC_RAT_PIT_D 0.0008–>0
ATC_RAT_PIT_I 0.35–>0
ATC_RAT_PIT_P 0.04–>0
ATC_RAT_RLL_D 0.0005–>0
ATC_RAT_RLL_I 0.32–>0
ATC_RAT_RLL_P 0.035–>0
ATC_RAT_YAW_I 0.3–>0
ATC_RAT_YAW_P 0.22–>0
ATC_RAT_YAW_D 0.003–>0

Before connecting the Pixhawk, when I moved the Heli (roll & pitch) the FBL system by default is trying to stabilized the Heli so after connecting the Pixhawk and I move the Pixhawk in my hand the swash plate moved as well which means the Pixhawk trying to stabilize the Heli as well so I don’t really know how to check if the setup is correct.

Another thing is when I’m moving the roll pitch stick, the servos are moving very slow (Stabilized FM) and not as fast as they were connected directly to the FBL system.

In addition, while looking at the Vbar GUI, when moving the Ail stick, the Ele moves as well, and when moving the Rus stick the Ail & Ele are reacting as well (Not the entire movement)

I’I appreciate some help here.

Thank you very much