Pixhawk V2.77 FW

I upgraded to the 2.77 FW and now, after initializing, I get a flashing yellow on the main PH light. I did a retrograde FW to 2.76 and all is back to normal with a solid green. A bug?

Hi Steve,

Do you see any message in mission planner HUD while the yellow light is flashing?

No. Everything appears normal. I suspect it has something to do with the activation of the Pixhawk redundant features. such as accels. I didn’t change a thing and reverted to the 2.76FW, then I get a solid green. All connections, computer, settings, etc are the same. Btw, I couldn’t “reply” on Tridge’s announcement post, why is that?

Same here. Can get a Green Light with 2.77 firmware. Works ok with 2.76. I get double flashing yellow. According to documentation, it is a System refuse to Arm message. I tried to look in the logs on the dataflash… without any luck… My Arming parameters (ARMING_…) are all set to Zero. So +1 with Steven… help… please

This is a bug according to Tridge. Please see here: viewtopic.php?f=88&t=5691&start=10#p9500
Tridge says there is no affect on flight worthiness of the Pixhawk and he will fix soon.
Before an over zealous moderator starts excoriating me for double posting, the 2.77 announcement thread was closed to replies at the time I posted this here.
I hope it helps someone to avoid some hair pulling.

Thank you for the link Steven

Thank you Steven!