Pixhawk Turns Off When ESC is Turned On

Hey so I have a standard Pixhawk with two brushed Quicrun 1060 ESCs attached on Main 1 & 2 on the servo rail. There’s a switch on the ESC’s that turns them on however whenever I do this the Pixhawk shuts down.

I’m guessing this is a power overload problem and the Pixhawk is turning itself off to save itself. Sometimes when I turn on only one ESC it will be able to handle it briefly but whenever I turn on the 2nd one it just turns off.

Any ideas what could be going wrong? The Quicrun says its BEC is 6V

Don’t power the servo rail from the ESC.5.7V is max

i agree with Dave, if you want power the servo rail just use an ubec with max Vout voltage of 5.32v, you can add also a capacitor with a Zener diode… capacitor will help don’t have spikes while Zener if polarize in the right way will work as a voltage regulator

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David. Whats the schematic for the cap zener setup.

Never mind found it

you must solder a cap following the positive and negative of the Vout cable, after this cathode of the Zener on the positive pin of the cap and the Zener anode on the negative pin of the cap

Thanks I ended up just disconnecting the power to the rail and just used signal and ground.

Can you send photos of the call you made? I am thinking of doing the same.