Pixhawk Toolchain sources

Is it possible to get sources of px4_toolchain.exe for windows anythere? Is it an open source?

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It is open source, but it is huge,
We did try to recompile it, but it seams easier to just fix cygwin and waf to get the same job done.

There can I get the latest sources, and what do you mean to fix cygwin and waf?
Thanks a lot!

If you follow the instructions posted here:

You should be able to build a SITL on windows and also build the FW on windows.

But instead of using make you should use waf instead:

Thank you @amilcarlucas!

I followed all the steps. When I got to using waf for a build I got an issue with cmake

May you know how can I solve it?

you forgot to install camake in cygwin like described on point 4. in the first link I posted.

Thank you @amilcarlucas
I’ll succeed in the end…

The build is failed again…What is that?

px4-v2 is a regular fmu copter target… it’s not something else


You probably need to report a bug, I fixed the instructions so that it works better. But looks like there is still some issues.

Thank you! @amilcarlucas
Do you have an idea what it’s about?