Pixhawk to INA226

Is anybody know how is possible to connect INA226 Voltage Current Monitor 0-36V 20A with I2c
to Pixhawk with Mission Planner,

has anyone tested this, the option is there in mission planner.

Is the option for connecting INA226 in MP 1.3.70

I belive its battery option 21.

Only in the latest master in copter (4.2-dev) not in 4.1.x
And it has nothing to do with Mission Planner.

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Where is possible to find master copter (4.2-dev)

on mission planner>install firmware>all options, select dev, then 4.2.0 and your flight controller.

you will probably want the beta version of mission planner too.

O.K. I install firmware 4.2.0-dev and found battery option 21 in MP.
When connect I2c cable, how to set I2c address in MP.

not sure yet i only got mine soldered up for testing today

Once you set & write the BATT_MONITOR 21. Then reboot (this is required to bring up the params). Same goes for switching to analog monitors. You should then see BATT_I2C_ADDR & BATT_I2C_BUS.

I dont have one of these boards can someone point me to one in the US please? I’d rather not wait AliExpress times.

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When I set and write the BATT_MONITOR 21,then rebot, I don’t see BATT_I2C_ADDR & BATT_I2C_BUS in FULL PARAMETER LIST and in FULL PARAMETER TREE.
Mission Planner is 1.3.75 and Firmware is V4.2.0-dev

Which PixHawk are you using exactly? I’m guessing it has only 1MB flash.

This feature is not enabled by default for 1MB boards.

I was going to point you to out custom build server to build it in. But it looks like the option for this device isn’t on there yet.

Check Under Battery ( it will be there though soon hopefully)

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DEV version is not even beta, it is work in progress, it is not recommended to fly with them. Anything can go wrong.

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Im testing on rover 4.2 on a boat in a bath. Im not flying anything. I was just replying with how to get the sensor to show up on mission planner for testing.

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The PR to enable building in this driver on the Custom Build Server has been merged. It may take a number of hours before the option is available.

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has anyone got one of these to work yet?