Pixhawk to INA226

Is anybody know how is possible to connect INA226 Voltage Current Monitor 0-36V 20A with I2c
to Pixhawk with Mission Planner,

has anyone tested this, the option is there in mission planner.

Is the option for connecting INA226 in MP 1.3.70

I belive its battery option 21.

Only in the latest master in copter (4.2-dev) not in 4.1.x
And it has nothing to do with Mission Planner.

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Where is possible to find master copter (4.2-dev)

on mission planner>install firmware>all options, select dev, then 4.2.0 and your flight controller.

you will probably want the beta version of mission planner too.

O.K. I install firmware 4.2.0-dev and found battery option 21 in MP.
When connect I2c cable, how to set I2c address in MP.

not sure yet i only got mine soldered up for testing today

Once you set & write the BATT_MONITOR 21. Then reboot (this is required to bring up the params). Same goes for switching to analog monitors. You should then see BATT_I2C_ADDR & BATT_I2C_BUS.

I dont have one of these boards can someone point me to one in the US please? I’d rather not wait AliExpress times.

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When I set and write the BATT_MONITOR 21,then rebot, I don’t see BATT_I2C_ADDR & BATT_I2C_BUS in FULL PARAMETER LIST and in FULL PARAMETER TREE.
Mission Planner is 1.3.75 and Firmware is V4.2.0-dev

Which PixHawk are you using exactly? I’m guessing it has only 1MB flash.

This feature is not enabled by default for 1MB boards.

I was going to point you to out custom build server to build it in. But it looks like the option for this device isn’t on there yet.

Check Under Battery ( it will be there though soon hopefully)

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DEV version is not even beta, it is work in progress, it is not recommended to fly with them. Anything can go wrong.

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Im testing on rover 4.2 on a boat in a bath. Im not flying anything. I was just replying with how to get the sensor to show up on mission planner for testing.

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The PR to enable building in this driver on the Custom Build Server has been merged. It may take a number of hours before the option is available.

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has anyone got one of these to work yet?

has anyone else tested these sensors, im getting strange readings on them, voltage is good but the current is showing the maximum 90A with even a tiny load.