Pixhawk to automatically control an additional channel in au


I installed a bell on my fixed wing RC model airplane. I use a servo, which could be controlled by an additional channel of the radio control system, to start and end ringing the bell during the flight.

The function I’d like to achieve is to use Pixhawk to auto control the bell during the flight in Pixhawk’s auto mode, sometimes ringing, sometimes not.

For example, I would like to set up the Pixhawk that could automatically start and keep ringing the bell from a certain waypoint, e.g. way point 1, until another certain waypoint, e.g. way point 20, then start ringing the bell from way point 50 until way point 70.

May I ask how to set up that in Pixhawk? Looking forward to your answer.

There is a couple of ways this could be done. To do it with a mission look at the following pages:

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/missio … -set-servo

Avoid servos 1-8 as noted on the pages.