Pixhawk to Acoustic Depth Finder

Hi guys! I just finished up the initial testing on a boat I made, and was thinking about adding a depth finder to eventually produce data on the lake I am testing on. I have seen that a few other people have attempted to do it, but I was hoping to get a little more information about it.

This is the sensor I was currently looking at

I was wondering, is it possible to connect this directly to the pixhawk (without an Arduino or pi)? And to, thus, access it’s data through the SD card, and have it along with all the other GPS data. And if it is possible, what changes would I have to make to the code

Thank you!

Hi Cress,

In Rover-3.4 we’ve added support for the ECT400 echosounder and it uses the same protocol so it should work. I can’t guarantee it though and another user in this discussion is having some troubles with the Airmar DT800 which should also work.